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Shanghai Restaurant

Shanghai, with so many business people rushing in, is not only China's economic and cultural center, but also a "Grand View Garden" for dinners of all tastes. Different styles of cuisine meet and merge in Shanghai only to create the so-called Shanghai style cuisine, influenced by Beijing cuisine, Yangzhou cuisine, Guangdong cuisine and Sichuan cuisine, together with the foods of Suzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo and Hangzhou flavors, making Shanghai an ideal "gourmet kingdom".

The Shanghai Old Restaurant and De Xing Restaurant are famous for their authentic Shanghai style cuisine; Yanyun Lou Restaurant and Beijing Restaurant offer well-known Beijing food; Our top recommendation for Yangzhou cuisine is the Yangzhou Restaurant; The most famous restaurants that provide typical Guangdong food are the Xin Ya Restaurant and the Xin Hua Lou Restaurant.

In addition, there are gourmet streets in the city that international tourists ma

y never forget--Yunnan Road Gourmet Street, Zhapu Road Gourmet Street and Old Town Bazaar which are famousfor local snacks, dishes and dim sum.

Foreign style restaurants and coffee shops are found all over the city, among them are French, Russian and German a la Carte restaurants, American fast food restaurants, Italian Pizza Huts, Japanese Sushi bars, Korean BBQ houses, as well restaurants of Indian, Vietnamese, Thai and Mexican flavors.
Shanghai restaurants will surely satisfy you with a great variety of nice food.

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