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Shanghai Coach Tour

Shanghai Coach tour, Shanghai seat in coach tour also called Shanghai Bus tour refers taking a tour to join in a bus together with other English speaking travelers. Other travelers are new to you. It is a good change to make friends. At the same time the coach tour in Shanghai is less espensive than a private tour. Travel with our Shanghai coach tour, you need to take taxi to our boarding place on the morning. Then we will pick up all travelers from the boarding place. Usually we will provide Chinese address of the boarding place. Then you can print it and show it to a taxi driver on the tour date.
We will transfer you back to boarding place after the bus tour. And you can taxi to return your hotel in Shanghai. We list our Shanghai coach tour and Shanghai bus tour routes as below for your choice:

Shanghai Coach Tour (Shanghai Bus Tour)

C1. One Day Wonderful Shanghai Tour RMB400
C2. Morning Wonderful Shanghai RMB250
C3. Afternoon Wonderful Shanghai RMB250

C4. Evening City Tour with River Cruise RMB400
C5. One Day Shanghai History & Culture RMB 450
C6. Morning Shanghai History & Culture RMB 300
C7. Afternoon Shanhai History & Culture RMB 300

C8. One Day Zhouzhuang Water Village RMB 550
C9. Afternoon Harf-day Zhouxzhuang Water Village RMB 450
C10. One Day Suzhou Tour from Shanghai RMB 550
C11. Shanghai Suzhou Garden & Zhouzhuan Water Village RMB650
C12. One Day Scenic Hangzhou RMB800

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