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Shanghai Shopping

Shanghai has been famed as "the Shopping Paradise" and "the Oriental Paris' in history. Visitors come to Shanghai with a purpose of appreciating the beautiful urban scenery, as well as shopping in its various kinds of shops and stores. Nanjing Road, China's No.1 Commercial Street, is a must for all visitors; Huaihai Road, an elegant and cultural commercial street, attracts thousands of young people who search for the latest fashion trends, and Sichuan Road, a popular commercial street, is specially favored by the working classes.
In addition, the modern Xujiahui Commercial Town, the traditional Yu Yuan Bazaar, the Kerry Ever Bright City near the exit of the Shanghai Railroad Station are all prime locations for avid shoppers.

Special shopping streets and markets are also found in Shanghai, such as the cultural street Fuzhou Road, where book stores are closely lined one after the other, including the famous Shanghai Book Town, Science and Technology Book Shop, Ancient Book Shop, etc.

Hundred-year-old stores and shops that sell local special products and are well-known at home and abroad can be found in good locations. The long-famed Beijing Da Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Store, Yellow-Star Fan Shop, Hengdali Watch & Clock Co. can all be easily found in Shanghai.

Shanghai is also famous for its great variety of local special products and artistic handicrafts. The Shopping tour, one of the purposes of domestic and international tourists who come to Shanghai , has become one important part of the city's urban style tourism.

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