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People's square

Address: People Avenue shanghai
Admission Fee: free
Recommended time for a visit: weekends
Open Hours: all day
Transportation: bus routes: no. 18、20、23、37、46、48、49、108、109、112、123、145、518
Channel routes: line3, line6metro: line.1, line.2
Hotels nearby: Shanghai Dorure International Hotel, Salvo Hotel Shanghai - Shanghai, Ramada Plaza - Shanghai
Scenic Spots nearby: Luxun Park, The bund. Shanghai museum


The People's Square in the center of Shanghai and the south side of People's Park. During 1930s and 1940s, the present People's Square was the gambling house and the racecourse, honored as the "No.1 racecourse in Far East". We can visit the ruins of the former main building stands the northeast part of People Square. After the People's Republic of China was founded in 1949, Great changes have taken place especially in early 1990s. From time to time, People's Square becomes the political, cultural, commercial center and the hub of traffic.

The People's Square covers an area of 130, 7000 square meters after reconstruction, it combines the flavor of Chinese traditional culture with the modern city in one, expands the function suitable for use, increases the sightseeing function and quite larger than before. Therefore, it is also called the New People's Square.

Unlike many other Chinese city squares, People's Square is not a concrete mass but a vast green area including plants and trees and surrounded by spectacular buildings on all sides. Various trees are planted and all kinds of flowers are in blossom. It really adds more colors to Shanghai, the largest and one of most prosperous cities in China. You could also feed the pigeons at the People's square, play with them. There are more than 1, 000 pigeons! You really could enjoy yourself. You could also visit the Shanghai's City Hall on the other side of People's Avenue or Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Museum and the newly built Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. The night scenery is much more colorful and beautiful picture.

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